Assassins Creed live broadcast event

Live Stream Influencer Event

Client: Ubisoft

Brief & Objectives

How do we turbo charge pre-orders and first month sales of Assassin’s Creed and standout share of voice in a time where four other AAA titles are launching?

• Guarantee that Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is the main title being talked about at launch
• Engage all super fans with the title and provide a first to play dynamic
• Target the UK primarily, but engage all countries around the world with content
• Increase pre-orders and drive sales in the first week of the titles release


TED created a deeply immersive and theatrical brand experience that recreated the world of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. It was designed to engage and entertain AC fans and influencers a week before launch and focused to generate maximum hype and share of voice for the title. Within the 8-hour curated experience TED produced an hour long live stream that moved through the experience. On the journey interviews with key game characters and the designers were broadcasted world-wide in a partnership with IGN in tandem with all Ubisoft social channels. The event itself invited the top social influencers from the gaming world to play the game, and take part in the evenings interactive elements. All characters from the game were played by actors who were in character all evening and attendees were encouraged to dress in cos play, which together with the setting of an old Victorian Tannery in London Bridge, ensured the world we created represented authentically the Victorian London from the game. Attendees could spend special Assassin’s Pounds as currency across a range of activities including: Betting on the bare-knuckle boxing, take part in weapons training, buy personalised merchandise or buy drinks at the bar. The campaign was referred to as ‘the new benchmark for launching a game’ by the Global Game Director on Assassin’s Creed.

The Results

  • 4.2 M overall exposure to content
  • 189.7K live stream viewers
  • 859.3k video on demand within 7 days of the event
  • 1.3M direct social reach
  • 1.2M social advertising reach
  • 73% of live stream viewers went on to purchase the game!
  • 58% of purchasers referenced the event as a key influence
  • 56% of attendees said the Premiere changed their opinion of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
  • 91% of attendees rated the Premiere event as Very Good or Excellent
  • 99% Would be interested in attending a future Premiere
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