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With 15 years of experience as an agency, we utilise our finely honed planning processes, including proprietary data and technology, fused with consumer insights, to create highly effective brand experiences that drives significant business impact for our clients.

We’re an agency of creatives and strategic planners, who believe the devil is always in the detail. An effective brand experience lives or dies on its planning and execution – so we plan meticulously, we think around every possible issue, and ensure we have arrived at the optimal methodology for any given campaign.

In today’s world the principle ingredient of effective brand experience is content, to reach critical mass of an audience. TED has been pioneering the hybrid broadcast experience since 2014 – with the likes of Assassin’s Creed for Ubisoft, Final Fantasy XV for Square Enix and the world’s largest Negroni bar for Campari to name a few. TED creates the optimal balance of real physical experience combined with broadcast able elements through media partners, to take an influencer event of 450 people, to a live stream of c2 million. Please check out the case studies below.

Brand Experience Case Studies

Pop-up and Roadshows

We’ve worked with some fantastic brands to create some extremely impactful and effective Pop Up and Road Show experiences including Campari, Lego, Warner Bos, Terry’s and Xbox, to name a few. Our creative team work closely with planners to develop a creative execution that consumers naturally want to engage with, creating content to share. The agency’s TED tech helps plan the best retail and geographic locations for activity, to ensure we gain the best natural audience to drive ROI.

Roadshows aren’t just brand experiences that activate multiple times. There’s a real science to designing the experience, physical assets and planning the execution. It includes optimising the use of touring and local brand staff, so that each activation looks and feels the same as the first time it’s activated, even after 6 months of being on tour. We’re experts at delivering long-term or always-on Roadshow Tours, and we’re very proud of the award-winning work we’ve done for our clients over the years. Our Nintendo Switch Mall Tour has been on the road for the last 3 years, usually running for 5 to 8 months at a time.

Immersive Events

Immersive events aren’t just about creating multi-sensory experiences. Our intent is to truly connect with the consumer on an emotional level and take them on an unforgettable journey. This maybe through the use of technology and / or by stimulating the 5 senses, but core to the experience is great storytelling, which brings the brand to life and makes the visitor feel lost in the moment.

Our creative and insights team are experts at designing these multifaceted experiences, but our extremely talented team of staff, actors and influencers really stands us apart from the agency crowd. The line between brand experience and fully immersive theatre is effectively removed to deliver incredible lasting results.

Live Broadcast Events

We’ve worked with many gaming brands over the last 15 years, which was one of the first sectors to embrace broadcast / live-streaming events, so we’ve around several years experience in this area…not just a pandemic pivot! We create a run of show that stays true to the games iconic themes, game content and main characters at all times, which not only engages attendees, but looks fantastic on the screen too. One such piece of work for Final Fantasy XV engaged over c2 Million fans the night and almost 5M fans views via VOD, and 22M through owned social media channels within a week of the event.

Product Launch

Experiential is a key factor in launching a new product and we’re adept at working with multi-agency teams to ensure we dovetail effectively with ATL, media, PR and digital, to deliver a 360-launch campaign, as well as working independently, if timings don’t allow for the ideal collaborative scenario.

Using our Planning Pyramid, we’ll develop the best solution to ensure customers get to trial the product, understand its nuances and importantly, the brand vision to ensure we’re not only driving sales, but we’re creating long-term customers.

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