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As a brand experience agency based in London we’ve honed our planning process over fifteen years to great success: We combine empirical data and consumer insights with learnt experience, to make certain that our brand experience work drives significant business impact for our clients. An effective brand experience lives or dies on its planning and execution, so we plan meticulously to ensure the optimal methodology for any given campaign. ‘content’ is the crucial substrate of effective brand experience, in order to drive reach, engagement and value.

Brand Experience Case Studies

Pop-up and Roadshows

We’ve worked with some fantastic brands to create some extremely impactful and effective Pop Up and Road Show experiences over the years including Campari, Lego, Nintendo, Warner Bros, Terry’s and Xbox, to name a few. Our creative team work closely with our planners to ensure creativity is balanced with business need, and data from TED tech helps plan the best retail and geographic locations for activity, maximising ROI.

Immersive Events

Immersive events aren’t just about creating multi-sensory experiences. Our intent is to truly connect with the consumer and or the viewer, taking them on an emotional and  unforgettable journey. Utilising technology and great storytelling, we create powerful memories and strong relationships.  Our extremely talented team of staff, actors and influencers blur the line between brand experience and fully immersive fantasy to deliver lasting results.

Live Broadcast Events

TED has been pioneering the hybrid broadcast experience since 2015, with the likes of Assassin’s Creed for Ubisoft, Final Fantasy XV for Square Enix and the world’s largest Negroni bar for Campari to name a few. TED creates the optimal balance of real physical experience combined with broadcast able elements through media partners, to take an influencer event of 450 people, to a live stream of c2 million. Please check out the case study films for more detail and data on reach and engagement.

Product Launch

Experiential can be a strategic lead in a new product launch. Our work on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One are two examples of this. We’re adept at working with multi-agency teams to deliver a 360-launch campaign, as well as working independently. Using our Planning Pyramid, we’ll develop the best solution to ensure customers get to trial the product, understand its nuances and importantly, the brand vision to ensure we’re not only driving sales, but we’re creating long-term customers.

Our Services

Brand Experience

Pop ups & roadshows
Immersive events
Live broadcast experiences
Large-scale sampling
Product launches

Field Marketing

Crafting the sales experience
Staff selection, training & management
Live campaign optimisation
Data-led insights & evaluation


Retail Marketing

Retail staff management & training
Mystery shopping & merchandising
Reselling products
Brand audits & compliance


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