Coca-Cola Christmas Tour 2019

The best brand ambassador team

440K+ samples

Perfect serve samples

29 Days

Of live activity

70K+ Football

Played on site

7,876 prizes

In on brand games

26,333 Photos

Branded hero shots taken

8,224 Bottles

Personalised branded bottles

Ted Tech was instrumental in driving sales and awareness in difficult low awareness regions by 55% with a customer retention rate of 79%

Jermey Andrews PMI

Ted was tasked with executing the 2019 tour, bringing festive joy to thousands of people.

The iconic 1995 commercial featuring the Christmas Truck became a brand experience in 1996, and has since continued to spread holiday magic across the UK. TED provided world class staffing, creating a brand ambassador team to facilitate the consumer engagement, and a rigging team to handle logistics.

The Detail

TED team rigged the events to be fully compliant with health and safety regulations, across a range of locations. TED Brand Heroes helped entertain the large queues and eager crowds by encouraging visitors to take part in a number of engaging activities. As families engaged with the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas Truck brand experience, they could take festive selfies, and receive a mini can served at the perfect temperature.

The team of event managers and traveling ambassadors went through intensive face to face training on engagements, coaching other team members, managing large queues, crowds and press. Coca-Cola’s goal of a world without waste was at the heart of the campaign with ambassadors encouraging visitors to recycle on site with our bespoke can crusher. At key retail events, we also offered a unique opportunity for customers to receive a personalised Coke bottle.

TED Tech case studies


Retail Sales Campaign

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%


Mass Sampling Campaign

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%


Product Launch Road Show

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%

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