Coca-Cola Christmas truck

Coca-Cola Energy – New product launch

Client: Coca-Cola

The Challenge

Unveiled in 2019, this new variant from Coca-Cola represented a first step into the energy drink market. The brief was to launch Coca-Cola’s newest product to the UK market, by creating stand out brand experiences to drive awareness and sampling. As part of TED’s partnership with agency MKTG we were lucky enough to work on this famous piece of brand engagement.


• Target young adults with a temperature controlled perfect serve

• Recruit cast and train a dedicated team of brand heroes to facilitate the campaign across a range of locations

• Orchestrate a team of professional dancers to deliver a high energy dance infused consumer engagement

• Choreograph and manage the dance elements of the brand experience

• Plan and execute the work in High St’s, Train stations, Malls and Festivals

• Ensure consistent communications to focus on the great Coca-Cola taste!

• Ensure that responsible recycling was at the heart of the campaign


Mass sampling activity was scheduled across the UK targeting 18-35 years old young professionals that would raise awareness of the new product and drive trial and purchasing. TED orchestrated an incredible team of flash mob dancers to add the element of surprise and delight to the campaign, drawing in the crowds, and contextualising the ‘energy’ ingredient of the product. Timing wise, the work focussed on the transition between work ending and play beginning. All TED Brand Heroes clearly communicated the key brand messages with every sample, ensuring the perfect serve. TED reported on key metrics such as the temperature control of every single sample, and the key messaging hourly. All consumers experienced the perfect taste and energy boost whilst being entertained energetically!

The Results

  • 790,000+ perfect serves of Coca-Cola Energy
  • 200+ activation days
  • 1700+ Brand Hero shifts completed (100% compliant)
  • +47% of sampled cans recovered for recycling
  • 500+ flash mob performances at key locations

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