Coke Zero mass sampling

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Client: Coca-Cola

Brief & Objectives

We helped agency MKTG pitch and win Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in the UK, which led to TED Staffing being appointed as the official technology, staffing and logistics partner on the campaign to date. Back in 2017 our not so small task was to recruit an additional +2 million drinkers to the new brand, whilst highlighting the need for responsible recycling.


• Deliver a nationwide sampling campaign that would recruit large numbers of drinkers to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
• Activity to span key retail, transport, urban, sporting and entertainment locations
• Build a technology platform to report on key metrics in real time
• Temperature control all samples at all times 
• Achieve agreed KPI compliance on key messages

The Solution

We crafted a Coca-Cola team that we’re not only brand ambassadors but also recycling ambassadors. Coca-Cola is a well loved brand and we wanted to share the love with their zero sugar Coca-Cola. We created sample stations for the perfect serve where consumers could try Coca-Cola zero in the perfect way and take a coupon to have a full bottle on us. Further to this station we had a recycle station to place empty cans. In any down time we made sure that ambassadors would collect up any empty cans around and recycle. To measure and communicate with teams we developed a bespoke online portal and mobile app with multi-variant capabilities allowing the client to have access to the portal live in real time with the events.

The Results

Over 8m perfect serve samples direct to consumers
Over 8m coupons distributed
17% uplift in sales
24% coupon redemption leading to further sample
Created a bespoke online Coca-Cola Portal to measure campaign metric over multiple years
1,235 strong staffing team trained and coached across 10-month period
1,635 live events hosted across 492 locations
c44% of sampled cans recovered for recycling
94% compliance on key messaging [measured by client]
458 vox pops

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