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A Leading Brand Experience & Field Marketing London Agency

We have been established in London since 1995, operating nationally and within Europe. We deliver high quality experiences from large immersive events, in store sales agents, to merchandising and mystery shopping. With over 6000 ambassadors in our team we have many different profiles to find the right resource for all your needs.

We work with our clients in a partnership, we ask to be immersed in your business, share your goals/KPI’s and what would success look like for you. We share our learnings with clients and morph a brief together to meet these goals and measures. We then take away the stress of the project and manage the activity to reach its success. We give transparency of this by providing clients with a dashboard window with our Ted Tech to see in real time how it is progressing. If this is how you like to work we would love to be immersed in your business, get in touch!

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