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We are a field marketing agency based in London with over 17 years experience delivering field marketing campaigns that deliver for our clients. Driving sales is often the super-objective of a field marketing campaign, and sales naturally precipitate when a host of other variables are balanced and harmonious. When planning a field marketing campaign, we assess the multi-variant set of audience, brand, need states, location, timing, price, consumer data etc – and plan this optimally. We use the axioms from our Planning Pyramid to guide the process and employ TED Tech to precisely support and enable the specific requirement of a given field marketing brief. From a human perspective our staffing team will select for defined characteristics, personalities, capabilities and skillsets to create the optimal team.

Field Marketing Agency Case Studies

Brand Ambassadors

All circa 6000 TED staff have been interviewed, profiled and categorised by their experience, skills & attributes, so we can quickly select suitable ambassadors for a project or match to a brand. TED’s agency competences span brand experience, retail experiences and sales campaigns, therefore our staff hold a range of skills and behaviours: From experts in selling, closing & objection handling, to the softer arts of explaining complex product and brand messaging to families and children.

Training & Customer Engagement

We combine face-to-face and virtual training with ‘shadow training’ sessions to ensure staff are sufficiently trained and motivated.  In addition our TED Tech tracks performance against a range of KPI’s in real-time, enabling us to identify any on-going training requirements, to continually optimise performance. 

Measurement & Insights

Iterative learning is a key successful business behaviour, driven by effective measurement and analysis of performance data. Our tech platform allows us to precisely measure whatever variables are salient, with the minimum disruption, so we can turn this data into intelligence, creating learning, adaption and growth.


Where an immediate sale is not possible, we utilise digital channels to keep the conversation flowing through targeted content, sales messages, offers and promotions.

Our Services

Brand Experience

Pop ups & roadshows
Immersive events
Live broadcast experiences
Large-scale sampling
Product launches

Field Marketing

Crafting the sales experience
Staff selection, training & management
Data-led insights & evaluation
Digital Engagement


Retail Marketing

Retail staff management & training
Mystery shopping & merchandising
Reselling products
Brand audits & compliance


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