Final Fantasy IV Launch event

Live stream influencer event

1M+ Live stream

Audience on the night

4.8M VOD views

Within 5 days

22M Reach

On owned social channels

6M Engaged

On earned social channels

Sell out event

500+ fans & influencers

39M+ Global reach

And UK 8M reach

“I’ve never seen a launch that is so authentic
and so well planned”

Game Director – Hajime Tabata

Galvanise influencers & fans to ensure the successful launch of Final Fantasy XV in the UK market with a Global focus.

Create the main launch platform for – Final Fantasy XV, UK and Globally. Showcase new game footage live to the world and achieve first to play experience on site. Content must be broadcast cross social platforms and beyond. Stay true to the games iconic themes, game content and characters at all times. Create a truly immersive broadcast event

The Detail

TED fastidiously recreated the iconic aspects and scenes from the FF Franchise inside a 20,000 square foot warehouse, as the backdrop to the launch event. Influencers were given the chance to apply for invitations the event, which allowed TED to orchestrate balance of media and influencers to attend. TED brokered a deal with Odeon cinemas which allowed for circa 30 more live events to happen in cinemas across the UK and Europe. The Live Stream one hour show, featuring the game director, actors from the movie franchise and a host of guests and fans, was broadcast globally on IGN, Odeon Cinemas and FF social channels. Four rooms of theatrically dressed scenery, facilitated by actors playing the major characters from the game, provided a moving feast for the lucky attendees, and also enabled a fluid moving through the live stream – taking the viewer on an adventure through each section of this epic brand experience. The Japanese game director Hajime Tabata said ‘I’ve never seen a launch that is so authentic and so well planned’. Over a million fans watched live on the night, with close to 5 Million views within a week before launch.

Case studies

IQOS General Trade

Sales, staffing & product demonstration

X3 YOY Growth
Exceeding target by 52.7%
Nationwide 349 days a year

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Large scale sampling campaign

8M+ perfect serve samples
+44% cans recycled
17% sales Uplift

Nintendo Switch

Most successful product launch

400% ROI
+210,000 reach
144 days in mall activity

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