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Staffing, Sampling & Sales

TED specializes in sales and brand experiences for large corporate brands, who wish to sample, sell, trial and audit at scale, always on - everyday.

Cloud based tech

What makes us smarter?

We focus first on business – because our job is to make a return for our clients. Our proprietary tech platform makes scaled operations robust, allows for precise measurement and compliance and ultimately ensures the desired ROI. Campaign data is updated by the second on cloud dashboards so that we can fine tune operations to do more of what is working and less of what isn’t.

TED Tech case studies

IQOS - General Trade

Retail Sales Campaign


Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Large Scale Sampling

8M+ Samples
1,635 Live Events
17% Sales Uplift

Nintendo Switch

Product Demonstration Roadshow

144 Days Live
36 Locations
400% ROI

How we create smarter experiences for our clients

We meticulously plan, execute and manage all aspects of the campaign delivery process. We recruit and train bespoke staffing work forces, plan where to execute for success, craft the sales or brand experience, and create bespoke tech solutions to measure and report the most salient data in real time. This allows reactive adaptive thinking to be applied as the campaign progresses resulting in optimal results.

Ted Tech was instrumental in driving sales and awareness in difficult low awareness regions by 55% with a customer retention rate of 79%

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