Over 4M Sales and 2 Gold Discs!

Client: Ubisoft

Brief and Objectives

TED was tasked with launching Just Dance, back when there was no dancing game category – and therefore no awareness of how to play. After the initial successful launch, the brief developed over 6 years to maintain JD as the lead dance game on all consoles.


  • Launch a dancing game title, and thereby create the dancing game category
  • Educate on ‘how’ and encourage trial en masse!
  • Create an brand experience asset that could take the game to high streets, festivals, universities, events and beyond.
  • Develop a Just Dance concept to work alongside Rita Ora in a concert setting


TED challenged the brief to include an asset that would tour the concept to multiple sites and the ‘Just Dance Disco Bus’ was born! The modified flatbed lorry, complete with large screens, giant disco ball, sound sensitive disco floor and 2k sound rig, and allowed for up to 20 people to join in the fun at one time – with hundreds of onlookers joining in too. The brand experience strategy of allowing many to play, and even more to join in while watching, quickly established the accessibility of the title – making the Just Dance instantly successful. The Disco Bus concept allowed TED to take the activity to many events, festivals and universities over the years, as well as gaming events like Eurogamer and Comicon. The activity won a host of awards and became famous throughout the industry. Ubisoft presented TED with two Gold Discs in recognition of the agencies part in helping to sell well over 4 Million games in the first couple of years.

The Results

  • Over the years we executed many award winning Just Dance brand experience campaigns
  • Just Dance became one of the fastest selling games of the year, and topped the charts for years to come.
  • The Just Dance Disco Truck became a popular fixture at UK festivals
  • University tours saw the truck engaging tens of thousands of students
  • London’s famous landmarks all featured on various tours
  • Rita Ora shared the stage with our Just Dance Dance Troop at a large Westfield concert
  • Ubisoft presented the agency with X2 Gold Discs in honour of helping them sell over 4M games
Just Dance London
Just Dance Westfield main
Just Dance event
Just Dance Experiential

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