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Stand alone Brand experience’s can be expensive to plan and execute so its important to create content that takes the experience to a wider audience than those lucky enough to attend. The success of such an aim is really down to a marriage of good creative planning, and shrewd tactical partnerships. At TED Experience, we aim to make this process simple for our clients. We are pioneers of executing highly engaging and successful live event broadcasting since 2015.

In a post COVID world, the ability to digitalise content and effectively engage with your audience via the internet is an important skill to harness, but driving real immersion that creates truly engaging content is the holy grail. Live broadcast events allow for a broad creative approach, to ensure that the physical activity creates content that may be occurring in one location, but can be enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Broadcast events and experiences are an excellent way to increase accessibility and inclusively within your marketing activity, because there are no limitations on who can attend.

At TED Experience, we have been pioneering hybrid broadcast events since 2015, and this really sets us apart from agencies that discovered this during the pandemic. We create the optimal balance of real physical experience combined with broadcastable elements through media partners. This makes us able to take an event with 450 attending, accessible to millions of people via live broadcasting. The success of each live event broadcast venture is rooted in a deep understanding of the product and how customers wish to experience the product or service.

Our expert creative teams work alongside our business and planning team, in liaison with our clients, to ensure a balance of creativity and commercial aims. 

immersive product launch
live stream game launch

4.8 million watch the Final Fantasy XV launch

To globally launch the fifteenth iteration of the Final Fantasy franchise, we needed to excite and engage the UK market but also engage the rest of the world! We executed a theatrically immersive live event, combined with a live events broadcast to galvanise influencers and fans attention to ensure the launch was successful. We recreated iconic scenes and aspects from the Final Fantasy franchise inside a 20,000 square foot warehouse, as the backdrop for the launch event. Influencers applied for tickets to ensure a balance of media and influencers. We went one step further and brokered a deal with Odeon Cinemas to allow for 30 more live events to happen across Europe in Odeon Cinema screening rooms showing our live stream. 

Our specially produced one hour live stream show featured a range of prolific contributors, from the game directors flown in from Japan, to the actors from the US movie franchise. It was broadcast globally on IGN, Odeon Cinemas and Final Fantasy social media channels. Due to TED Experience’s meticulous planning and the broadcast’s engaging content, it yielded over a million fans watching on the night and close to 5 million views of VOD in the week leading up to the launch.

1M+ Live stream

Audience on the night

4.8M+ Views

Within 5 days

22M Reach

On owned social channels

6M Engaged

On earned social channels

Sell out event

500+ fans & influencers

39M+ Global reach

And UK 8M reach

product demonstration
Launch event photo op

A live events broadcast agency driven by data

Live events broadcasts have numerous variables to manage, especially when they are being broadcast live to a global audience. When we’re creating strategies for our clients, we ensure everything is grounded safely in data and insights born from intensive research and our own proprietary day obtained over the years. We understand how important it is to be able to trust your agency, and we meticulously plan each and every move through our bespoke technology to achieve this.

TED Tech is our exclusive in-house technology – a low code methodology that allows us to quickly build bespoke solutions for whatever we are doing for clients. So whether we need to be in constant contact with an invited audience for weeks leading up to an event, or providing realtime assessment of consumer engagement around experience across multiple geographic sites, TED Tech provides gives us the competence and the capability every time.

Case studies

product demo

IQOS General Trade

Sales, staffing & product demonstration

X3 YOY Growth
Exceeding target by 52.7%
Nationwide 349 days a year

coca cola zero sugar

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Large scale sampling campaign

8M+ perfect serve samples
+44% cans recycled
17% sales Uplift

brand ex

Nintendo Switch

Most successful product launch

400% ROI
+210,000 reach
144 days in mall activity

driven by ted tech2

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