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Subheading: Effectively interact with your audience on a large scale with award-winning, full-service live event broadcast management and execution strategies from TED Experience.

Drive Sales & Enhance Consumer Experience With Help From A Leading Live Event Broadcast Agency

Interacting with an audience when your brand has a widespread fanbase can seem difficult, however with TED Experience, executing highly engaging and successful live event broadcasting, it becomes simple.

In a post COVID world, the ability to digitalise content and effectively engage with your audience via the internet is an important business skill to harness. Live broadcast events have a wider range of creative approaches that can be used as it only has to be actually occurring in one location yet can be consumed by millions of people worldwide. They’re an excellent way to increase accessibility and inclusively within your business as there are less limitations on who can attend if it’s optimised to be viewed on all devices.

At TED Experience, we have been pioneering hybrid broadcast events since 2015, this sets us apart as we’ve got years more experience than agencies that only discovered the use of this technique in recent years. We create the optimal balance of real physical experience combined with broadcastable elements through media partners. This makes us able to take an event with 450 influencers attending, accessible to millions of people via live broadcasting.

The success of each live event broadcast venture is rooted in a deep understanding of you as our client, your businesses, your customers and your goals.

Essentially, we endeavour to get to know you down to the finite details of your business right from the offset. To TED Experience, you’re not just another number, you are the centre of our live events broadcasting strategy.

We strive to use a wide range of tactics, which includes our own bespoke technology and brand audits to ensure we have in-depth information about you.
Our expert creative teams work alongside our business and planning executives, in consistent liaison to ensure a balance of creativity and effective business strategies. Once our initial discovery is complete, we can begin to build tailored live event broadcasting strategies to strengthen your relationship with customers and reach your goals together.

Showcase Final Fantasy XV Ahead Of Launch

To show you what this looks like on a large-scale, we’ve got an example that demonstrates what TED Experience can achieve for a business.
TED Experience executed an effective live events broadcast with the objective to galvanise influencers and fans attention to ensure the product launch for Final Fantasy XV was successful. We recreated iconic scenes and aspects from the Final Fantasy franchise inside a 20,000 square foot warehouse, as the backdrop for the launch event. Influencers applied for tickets to ensure the balance between the media and influencers. We went one step further and brokered a deal with Odeon Cinemas to allow for c.30 more live events to happen across Europe.

The live stream one hour show featured a range of prolific contributors from the game directors to the actors from the movie franchise. It was broadcast globally on IGN, Odeon Cinemas and Final Fantasy social media channels. Due to TED Experience’s meticulous planning and the broadcast’s engaging content, it yielded over a million fans watching on the night and close to 5 million views in the week leading up to the launch.

1M+ Live Stream

Audience on the night

4.8M+ Views

Within 5 days

22M Reach

On owned social channels

6M Engaged

On earned social channels

Sell Out Event

500+ fans & influencers

39M+ Global reach

And UK 8M reach

A Live Events Broadcast Agency Driven By Data

Live events broadcasts have many aspects to manage and track, especially when they’re large scale. When we’re creating strategies for you we ensure everything is grounded in data-driven insights through intensive research and prior experience we’ve obtained through the years. We understand how important it is to be able to trust your agency, and we meticulously plan each and every move through our bespoke technology to achieve this.

TED Tech is our exclusive in-house technology that allows us to handle real-time measurements at scale. Whether we need to be allocating budgets or assessing results, TED Tech provides a reliable and trustworthy software to do so on.
By utilising this integrated ‘low code’ tech platform, we can manage and measure everything from stock to staff, stores, consumers and sales to the highest accuracy. This data is then turned into compelling strategic insights that inform our approach, ensuring that our effort creates a real business impact for you.

TED Tech case studies


Retail Sales Campaign

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%


Mass Sampling Campaign

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%


Product Launch Road Show

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%

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