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When it comes to sourcing promotional staff, the process is heavily nuanced. There are numerous variables to orchestrate but the most important thing is to have an understanding of people.

As a top-class promotional staffing agency, we at TED Experience really do understand people. Not just the people we select to promote your product but also the people we are trying to sell your product to. In our 17 years, we have delivered some of the largest and most complex promotional staffing campaigns for global giants.

We start from the very basics, understanding your target audience and how your product needs to be positioned in order for it to resonate. Then, we consider who your ideal customer is and look for those same characteristics in the promotional staff we select. After all, what’s the point in having someone promote your brand who wouldn’t buy into your brand? Beyond this, we look for qualities that we know will make these staff an asset to our campaign, and to your team.

X-Box Retail Experience Tour:
Driving Sales

What does all this look like in practice? It looks like your business surpassing its sales goals through innovative campaigns managed end to end by us.

During our partnership with Xbox One, we delivered a world-class retail sales trial experience to 112,944 people to drive sales of the new console. The campaign focused on moving consumers from the awareness and consideration stages through to conversion.

We achieved this by driving home product benefits as part of an engaging product trial experience. The brief was not only to increase general brand and product awareness but to ensure potential customers were convinced to actually buy the product itself. Aside from creating the strategy for this campaign, we recruited and trained all the sales ambassadors, managed all the technical requirements, including the maintenance of the Xbox pods in store. Our specialist people also trained retail staff in stores to excel in their role as Xbox evangelists, so this excellent product promotion could be continued and channelled instore post-campaign.

Click HERE to view the full X-Box Retail Experience Tour case study 

During our campaign…

9:1 ROI

Smashing our targets

3000+ Demo days

Over a 4 month period

252 Stores

Repeat visits UK wide

211% Sales Uplift

Exceeding client expectations

90% Recall rate

With an epic retail experience

112,944 Trials

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A Promotional Staffing Company Driven By Data

Understanding and having good instincts about people is a major part of being a best-in-class promo staffing agency but there is also an analytic requirement to the process. The sheer scale of campaigns and clients that we manage demands a highly data-driven approach – there is no room for acting on superstition.

For this, we utilise an exclusive in-house technology that allows us to measure and monitor key metrics at scale, whether that’s the whereabouts of promotional staff, the stock of your product or consumer engagement. TED Tech also allows us to create streamlined communication between everyone involved in our campaigns. With large-scale promotional staffing comes a huge amount of people to keep connected and talking. Our process means that every member of our staffing team is reachable at any given time – nothing is left unchecked.

As promotional staffing companies go, we feel our data-driven approach is what sets us apart from the rest. Each and every aspect of your staffing requirements will be rigorously planned and executed, and you’ll be kept informed at every stage.

TED Tech case studies


Retail Sales Campaign

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%


Mass Sampling Campaign

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%


Product Launch Road Show

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%

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