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As a retail marketing agency there are many variables to consider when attempting to maximise success in retail, so as part of our planning process and in partnership with our clients, we investigate the key drivers within their unique retail environments. We employ a range of tactics from brand audits, SKU planograms, mystery shopping, analysis of the shopper experience, assessing salespeople and their techniques, to name a few. We turn this data into compelling strategic insights that shape our planning, ensuring that our effort optimises the in-store experience and create real business impact for our clients.

Retail Marketing Case Studies

Mystery shopping

We are able to employ our technology platform so that staff can audit and assess the full retail marketing experience, store staff knowledge, product availability / positioning and competitor analysis. Data is aggregated in real time to produce a detailed report that helps point to recommended changes. Follow up visits track improved performance and help us deliver an optimised retail marketing experience.


Using client data, we create effective call files that target stores based on rate of sale, store history & stock accuracy. Our tech allows us to also manage and resell stock for our clients – so if the shelves are empty, TED staff can re-stock the retailer and can also take payment if required. Our clients access a bespoke live dashboard, detailing call status together with images and requested data for compliance.

Brand audits

This service offers a full suite of checks from product listing, positioning, media placement and POS compliance. As well as auditing and reporting, staff can also correct any compliance errors on site for expediency. TED Tech is also able to forecast where the next commercial opportunities may be located for future investment.

Retail staff training

Training retail store staff is essential in building brand advocacy, changing or building brand preference and ultimately increasing sales. This is especially important where the product or service is complex. TED Tech allows us to support face-to-face and webinar training with regular updates, test modules and branded content. We ensure saliency through incentives and competitions direct to store staff. Confidential training and reminder materials are stored securely with trackable access.

Our Services

Brand Experience

Pop ups & roadshows
Immersive events
Live broadcast experiences
Large-scale sampling
Product launches

Field Marketing

Crafting the sales experience
Staff selection, training & management
Live campaign optimisation
Data-led insights & evaluation


Retail Marketing

Retail staff management & training
Mystery shopping & merchandising
Reselling products
Brand audits & compliance


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