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We provide excellent retail staffing by understanding the need to balance the nuanced human landscape with effectively meeting client objectives.

Elevate Consumer Experience & Drive Sales By Collaborating With A Leading Retail Staffing Agency.

Great staffing creates powerful human connections. Within the current, highly saturated retail landscape, your customer experience sets you apart from other businesses selling similar products. Your consumers view purchasing your product as buying into your company. So, if they’re experiencing uninspiring interactions with your staff, they will simply go to your competitor. Hiring, training and managing staff encompasses a range of variables. As a leading retail staffing agency, we understand that striking a balance between building a strong relationship with your staff and ensuring that they’re servicing your company correctly can be difficult to master.

TED Staffing guides you through the complicated process of finding and managing staff for your company. We believe in data-driven insights and our approach to retail staffing is built upon strategies that are created via careful research and analysis. We are truly invested in meeting your objectives and bettering your business – something that we believe sets us apart from the average retail staffing agency.

We deliver some of the largest and most complex staffing and logistics campaigns in the world for highly influential brands, and our work ranges from large-scale sampling roadshows to pop-up shops, and immersive brand experiences.

We execute these with a fundamental understanding of human interaction, a five-step paradox for staffing, and an in-depth knowledge of our clients. These are supported by a range of tactics, including our bespoke software, analysis of consumer experience, and forging long-term relationships with every person involved in a project. Our clients trust us to do the best for them, which in turn helps us create an effective retail staffing strategy and ultimately increase conversions.

Nintendos Most Successful Product Launch & Demonstration

You may be asking, what does a prime product demonstration example really look like? Well, our previous partnerships speak for themselves.

When we began our engagement with Nintendo, we were given the task of creating trial experiences of the Nintendo Switch with families around the United Kingdom.

We were able to achieve this by devising, planning and managing a two-year tour which led from a modular stand to accommodate spaces of different shapes, with open sides to encourage maximum customer interaction from all angles.

TED Staffing selected and trained a group of native gamers and Nintendo fans to ensure each and every product demo was led by people who shared a true passion for the product.

Click HERE to view the full Nintendo case study 

During our campaign…


Live across the UK

144 days

In mall activity

210+ Reach

Brand Experiences

400% ROI

Directional ROI >

22 Titles

Games Trialed

36 Locations

Uk Wide Cities & Towns

We’re A Retail Staffing Agency That Uses Data To Drive Our Decisions

We set ourselves apart from other retail recruitment agencies by not leaving anything to chance. When staffing large-scale campaigns or events, it’s imperative to research, monitor and analyse, using data that is being consistently collected. Our five-step approach was crafted using data we’ve analysed from previous work, which has been proven over many case studies to be effective. 


Our five-step approach is this.
1. There is an ‘I’ in team. 
2. Reactive live management 
3. Motivation and coaching 
4. Measurement technology 
5. Family vibes 


Another factor which elevates us above other retail staffing agencies is our bespoke in-house technology, TED Tech. Our exclusive software allows us to handle real-time measurements at scale, whether that’s the allocation of budget or an assessment of results. Our system also enables many staff-specific functionalities, allowing us to communicate with staff instantly and house all our training material. Checking in and out of shifts is made easy using TED Tech, along with recording absences and illness. The app drives transparency between you as our client, us as your staffing agency and the staff we employ. In addition to this, we can monitor performance on the app and offer any additional support to staff that need it. TED Tech is innovative, effective and highly functional. Not only does TED Staffing have years of success within retail staffing solutions, but we also offer the technology to support and streamline your business.

TED Tech case studies


Retail Sales Campaign

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%


Mass Sampling Campaign

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%


Product Launch Road Show

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%

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