Direct Sales

What Creates Sales Success?

Client briefs and objectives are all different: Increase category share, optimise a promotion, launch a new product, change perceptions or celebrate a key moment for example – but ultimately product sales is often the super-objective. 

No matter the brief, our approach is somewhat uniform in process: Our planning and account teams will work together, guided by Planning Pyramid and TED Tech, to ascertain the best approach looking at a multi-variant data set of audience, brand, need states, location data etc. Our staffing team will create a bespoke model to match the optimal staff personalities, capabilities and skillsets required to deliver the best team for any given brief.    

Sales Success Case Studies

Our Brand Ambassadors

All 6,000 TED staff have been interviewed, profiled and categorised by their experience, skills & attributes – so we can quickly select the right ambassadors for the brand and specific requirements of the project, whist enabling us to cover large scale, always on, nationwide campaigns. Ultimately staff are the face of our client’s brand, but they also represent TED, so we have a strenuous selection process, resulting in a very high bar for staff recruitment. We’re very proud to boast that our staff are the best in the industry. In a recent campaign with one multinational brand, over 400 staff needed to be selected and trained. Once through the TED selection process, all staff needed to be interviewed for 15 minutes by the client individually. Historically the client’s highest pass-through rate of other agencies was 46%. TED achieved an 87% pass rate – something that our client was happily amazed by. Especially as we achieved this in April 2020 during the pandemic, and all 400 interviews were virtual.

TED’s competences spans the world of brand experience, retail work and sales campaigns, so our staff hold a range of skills and behaviours. From experts in selling (closing & objection handling) to delivering complex product and brand messages (driving retention & advocacy). We have experience activating in many retailers: The big 4 supermarkets, convenience chains & Independents, gaming and tech stores, high streets, and large shopping malls. We have pedigree in most sales formats including direct sales, outsourcing sales teams, supporting retailer staff, lead gen & driving sales in-store / on-line.

Training and Customer Engagement

Having quality staff is very important, but we need to ensure they have product & brand knowledge, specific closing and objection handing techniques relevant to the product and audience profiling, to ensure success. We run a combination of face-to-face, virtual and shadowing training sessions before commencement. In addition, our TED Tech then tracks performance in real-time, enabling us to understand on-going training requirements, to ensure performance is optimised and improved throughout campaigns. Whether the team are selling directly or supporting retailer staff, we’re meticulous in scoping the customer experience, so we have the right brand assets to help the staff create engagement and drive sales – These include, TED Tech to capture data, impactful Point of Sale assets, branded content, printed collateral and, if required, creative technology to create dwell time and digital amplification.

Measures & Insights

We work closely with our clients to define what a successful campaign looks like, agreeing KPIs at the outset. We collaborate with the various business units and stakeholders within the company to ensure we are tracking all the required variables and data points. Using our TED Tech, throughout the campaign we gather intelligence and analyse the findings as we go, so we can learn, adapt and optimise.

Extending Engagement Through Digital

The journey to higher value purchases takes longer from consideration to purchase, and therefore may not happen in store or the same store. We work closely with our clients to map out the optimal customer experience and sales journey to ensure we’re pulling the right levers at the right time. Where a sale is not possible, we utilise digital assets to keep the conversation flowing outside of the retail environment. Customers are able to opt in to hear more from brands by using TED Tech, which in turn shares highly targeted content, sales messages, offers and promotions to move customers through the sale funnel. Unique codes unlocked at purchase, attribute sales back to the initial in store touch point, so we can measure the effectiveness of activity.

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