Technologically enhanced campaigns, with transparent real time cloud reporting.

TED TECH is our low-code tech platform that enables bespoke tech solutions to be built for individual clients. Whatever the challenge, and no matter the complexity, we use technology to enhance the operational, commercial and human aspects of brand and sales experiences.

Connected Campaigns

Complex realtime data translated into easy to understand dashboards

tech cloud

Complete campaign transparency

Immediate data as it happens. Viewable on any device, anywhere. With bespoke builds for unique clients & briefs.

Ted Tech was instrumental in driving sales and awareness in difficult low awareness regions by 55% with a customer retention rate of 79%

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TED Tech In-App Campaign Tools:

Functionality designed for smarter results, max ROI, efficiency & complete transparency.

Smarter Stock

smarter stock

We have the highest possible compliance processes for stock of any kind. We can track individual boxes, as well as consignments, through the supply chain to individual brand ambassadors, to stores with ownership documented throughout the journey. We track lost stolen and damaged stock to less than 1%.

Store Performance

Large-scale campaigns have a vast array of unique stores & locations. Tracking sales, footfall, key timings and environment data its possible to pinpoint which stores perform and then match the criteria for optimal planning. Combined with in app scheduling this data drives success and pushes ROI.

Sales Performance

Ted Tech tracks in-depth sales, staff, stock and store data. Unifying complex sales campaign data with intuitive and easy to read dashboards. With configurable & immediate deep data results to solve any challenge. Our tech connects all facets of your campaign with total control via any device at any time in any place.

Consumer Data

Building first-hand accurate consumer data is a core need for all brands and companies. Using our tech platform, our teams are able to perform this task with a sensitive light touch, and at scale. The quality of this data is as good as it gets, as the transaction is performed as part of a product experience or sale.

Team Performance

We connect, motivate teams and individuals through dashboards, goals and smart targets – rewards & commission all updating in real-time. Automated geo-location tracking combined with a smart check in system helps us optimize attendance and manage lateness with minimal resource. Smart target enabled sales tech that drive sales without pressure selling.

Planning optimization

Plan, schedule and optimize your campaigns with TED Tech. Utilise staff and store performance data to make smart decisions. Share schedule data easily across teams and management in app. Saving time and allowing that resource to be spent elsewhere.

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96% Compliance
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96% Compliance
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12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%

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