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In the world of brand experiences, sampling and sales, its not the ‘big idea’ that predicts success – its how you operate and execute the work. TED believes in data, and a measured and provable approach to spending our clients budgets. Our vertically integrated ‘low code’ tech platform can be adapted to any brief. But for simplicity its easier to think about how it facilitates manages and measures the following vectors…



We have the highest possible compliance processes for stock of any kind. We are able to track individual boxes, as well as consignments, through the supply chain to individual brand ambassadors, with ownership being documented at each point in the journey. We track lost stolen and damaged stock to less than 1%.



Our system enables many staff specific functionalities: All training is contained with the app, and we can communicate in a secure closed universe with our teams. Checking in and out of shifts, late starts, absenteeism and illnesses are all recorded using the App. This generates daily attendance status emails to all stakeholders – driving transparency. We create personal status dashboards for each staff member, so they can see their performance and bonus status at a glance on their phone – driving performance.



We learn about each location in which we operate, pulling a multi-variant data set that we use to profile and categorize performance. This data is used to optimize planning and drive ROI. Importantly we also to help our clients build their own primary data set, specific to locations and or stores, and where their product performs best. We pull both quantitative and qualitative data efficiently while activity is live – saving on spend and ensuring the data is salient to the nature of the specific product or service.



Building first hand accurate consumer data is increasingly a core need for all brands and companies. Using our tech platform, our teams are able to perform this task with a sensitive light touch, and at scale. The quality of this data is as good as it gets, because the transaction is usually performed as part of an product experience or a sale. Participation and engagement rates are consistently high as a result of our methodology.



We are able to facilitate sales transactions within our App anywhere in the world. We can provide tokenized payments to facilitate ‘try before you buy’ type promotions, and also integrate this with stock returns and customer service flow procedures. Our system also integrates with all retail till systems and is ‘real-time’, meaning sales are seen on the private cloud dashboard seconds after the transaction is completed. The immediacy of our technology means the client and the agency is always in the driving seat with regards to a particular campaign.


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