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Client: Microsoft

Brief & Objectives

The Xbox One launch in Q4 2013 was the most hyped and highly anticipated launch of the console to date. It also coincided with the launch of the PS4, so competition for the lead spot was intense. TED won a competitive pitch to deliver the central piece of activity in the UK: A 16 day deeply immersive piece of experiential, that allowed the most ferociously passionate gamers, press, celebrities and influencers to play the console before launch – whilst creating content and building huge standout fame for the launch.


Make Xbox One the most famous launch in history

Deliver a truly immersive first to play experience that wows the most fastidious of fans and critical of press

Produce an experiential platform that can be used as a foundation for all communications, trials, press, celebrities, influencers and retail partners

Ensure Xbox authenticity and key messaging at all times

Guarantee success and coverage

The Solution

TED created, planned and orchestrated a three-week experience in the heart of Shoreditch where gamers could apply to be one of the first to play Xbox One, in a twenty thousand square foot warehouse, dressed and re-imagined as a palace to the gaming community. TED brokered a partnership with IGN to guarantee awareness of the event, and also facilitate the application dynamic. Gamers were invited to apply from the IGN homepage, which directed gamers to a TED Tech designed online portal, housing all data and contact information. Invites and communications were centralized through the portal, facilitating footfall to the venue, guaranting full capacity at all times of operation. The warehouse itself underwent a complete transformation, with two floors being dressed floor to ceiling in the game identity being played in each area. Over twenty games were showcased. Bespoke designed shelving allowed the product to appear to hang in the air with green up lit lighting – effectively making the product the hero of any part of the space. A carefully planned diary of VIP’s, celebrities and influencers ensured that each person had the desired experience. The venue had a total of 50 Xbox One consoles, which had to be flown in the night before launch on private jet from Seattle, accompanied by special forces guards, to ensure that nobody saw the product before time.

The Results

65k applications to attend event
Over 125,097 individual trials
Over 40k hours of deep product engagement
6 Million social media impressions
65% of attendees bought the product within 12 weeks
£714 average spend of attendees [console + 5 games and £75 of accessories]
On average each attendee recommended the product to 12 peers
£6,206,088 generated by attendees and recommendations
7.5:1 Return on investment.
7 out of 10 games purchased post event were games trialed

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