Xbox One Launch

Launch event pop-up experience

7.5:1 Return

On investment

6 Million+

Social media impressions


Revenue generated

125,097 Trials

Individual trials

40k Hours

Deep product engagement

65k Applications

To attend event

“The best Xbox brand experience I have ever been too.”

Marketing Director – Microsoft Xbox

Three weeks of deeply immersive brand experience to launch XBOX ONE in London.

Make Xbox One the most famous launch in history. Deliver a truly immersive first to play experience that wows the most fastidious of fans and critical of press. Produce an experiential platform that can be used as a foundation for all communications, trials, press, celebrities, influencers and retail partners. Ensure Xbox authenticity and key messaging at all times. Guarantee success and coverage

The Detail

TED created, planned and orchestrated a 3 week brand experience in the heart of London where avid gamers could apply to be one of the first people in the UK to play the Xbox One. A 20,000 sq ft Shoreditch warehouse was dressed and re-imagined for the event, transforming into a mecca for the gaming community. TED brokered a partnership with IGN to drive awareness of the activity and push guests from their homepage to the TED online portal to register for the activation. TED distributed digital invites and multiple follow-up comms to guests to ensure minimal drop-offs and facilitating a full venue at all times.

The venue’s 2 floors were themed floor-to-ceiling in game and character graphics from 20+ titles being showcased. Bespoke floating shelves, with green trim LED lighting, gave the appearance that consoles were hanging in the air, making the product the hero of any space. The venue had a total of 50 previously unseen Xbox One consoles, which had been flown in the night before on a private jet from Seattle, accompanied by security guards, to ensure that nobody saw the product before launch.

As well as experiencing the new console and games, guests were treated to appearances from VIP’s, celebrities and influencers, which created further content for social media, PR and press.

Case studies

IQOS General Trade

Sales, staffing & product demonstration

X3 YOY Growth
Exceeding target by 52.7%
Nationwide 349 days a year

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Large scale sampling campaign

8M+ perfect serve samples
+44% cans recycled
17% sales Uplift

Nintendo Switch

Most successful product launch

400% ROI
+210,000 reach
144 days in mall activity

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