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When it comes to selling your product, the current landscape requires far more than just an enticing proposition for your target customer. Maximising success in retail requires a whole host of variables to be working in tandem. That’s why our journey with new clients begins with an analysis of the key drivers within the unique retail environment. That is what sets us apart from the average retail sales agency.

Our approach has been crafted over 17 years, and the success of each retail sales marketing venture is rooted in a deep understanding of our client, their business, their customers and their goals.

What we’re saying is, we like to get to know you down to the granular details of your business right from the offset. To us, you’re not just another number, you are the very centre of our retail sales strategy.

We use a wide range of tactics, including our own bespoke technology, brand audits, analysis of the shopper experience combined with real world data and mystery shoppers to assess salespeople techniques – just to name a few. Once our initial discovery is complete, we can begin to build tailored retail sales strategies to strengthen your relationship with customers and ultimately increase conversion.

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XBOX Retail Experience Tour: Driving sales through experiential engagement

What does all this look like in practice? It looks like your business surpassing its sales goals through innovative campaigns managed end to end by us.

During our partnership with Xbox One, we delivered a world-class retail sales trial experience to 112,944 people to drive sales of the new console. The campaign focused on moving consumers from the awareness and consideration stages through to conversion.

We achieved this by driving home product benefits as part of an engaging product trial experience. The brief was not only to increase general brand and product awareness but to ensure potential customers were convinced to actually buy the product itself. Aside from creating the strategy for this campaign, we recruited and trained all the sales ambassadors, managed all the technical requirements, including the maintenance of the Xbox pods in store. Our specialist people also trained retail staff in stores to excel in their role as Xbox evangelists, so this excellent product promotion could be continued and channelled instore post-campaign.

Click HERE to view the full X-Box Retail Experience Tour case study 

During our campaign…

9:1 ROI

Smashing our targets

3000+ Demo days

Over a 4 month period

252 Stores

Repeat visits UK wide

211% Sales Uplift

Exceeding client expectations

90% Recall rate

With an epic retail experience

112,944 Trials

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A retail sales agency driven by data

When it comes to our retail sales marketing strategies, we ensure that everything is grounded in data-driven insights. We set ourselves apart from standard retail sales agency by not leaving anything to chance.

With large-scale retail sales campaigns, we understand how important it is to be able to place your trust in your sales agency, feeling confident that each and every move has been meticulously planned and will be rigorously executed. How do we achieve this? Through TED Tech.

Our exclusive, in-house technology allows us to handle real-time measurements at scale, whether that’s the allocation of budget or an assessment of results. By utilising this integrated ‘low code’ tech platform, we can manage and measure everything from stock to staff, stores, consumers and sales to the highest accuracy. We then turn this data into compelling strategic insights that inform our approach, ensuring that our effort optimises the in-store experience and creates real business impact for our clients.

Case studies

product demo

IQOS General Trade

Sales, staffing & product demonstration

X3 YOY Growth
Exceeding target by 52.7%
Nationwide 349 days a year

coca cola zero sugar

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Large scale sampling campaign

8M+ perfect serve samples
+44% cans recycled
17% sales Uplift

brand ex

Nintendo Switch

Most successful product launch

400% ROI
+210,000 reach
144 days in mall activity

driven by ted tech2

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