Leading Brand Experience and Field Marketing Agency

Brand Experience

Pop ups & roadshows
Immersive events
Live broadcast experiences
Large-scale sampling
Product launches

Field Marketing

Crafting the sales experience
Staff selection, training & management
Live campaign optimisation
Data-led insights & evaluation


Retail Marketing

Retail staff management & training
Mystery shopping & merchandising
Reselling products
Brand audits & compliance



Our Clients

Consumer experiences powered by TED Tech

TED’s proprietary tech powers our TED Portal – an all- encompassing cloud-based app that manages, measures and evaluates work in real-time. Our world leading intellectual property combines prescriptive analytics, multivariant data analysis, and a ‘low-code’ methodology, so we are able to quickly adapt and build new functionality on the fly.

Think of our TED Portal as an essential campaign OS – delivering on transparency, learning, efficiency and ultimately ROI.

We Believe…
Superstition Sucks!

We don’t leave something as important as business to chance. We don’t cross our fingers. We like to be certain. So we do our homework and plan intelligently around the desired outcomes. We have our own tech to do much of the heavy administrative lifting, measurement and reporting. Which means we can focus on the execution, and let the rabbits keep their feet!

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