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Field Sales Marketing

Enhance your brand’s sales experience and drive consumer engagement with award-winning field sales marketing services from TED Experience.

Let Our Award-Winning Field Marketing Agency Craft Your Sales Experience.

As a leading field marketing agency in London and the UK, we understand the balance and harmony that a successful product marketing campaign demands. Over 17 years, we’ve honed our skillset as a field sales agency, leaning on the highs (and the lows) of our own previous experience so that when it comes to marketing your product, you don’t need to take any risks.

Driving sales is often the super-objective of a field marketing campaign that actually relies on the seamless integration of your audience, staff, brand, need states, location, timing, price, consumer data and more. It’s enough to make your head spin, right? Not with TED Experience.

We are experts in balancing all strands of a field sales marketing campaign and planning each optimally. It is this which has allowed us to become a leading field marketing agency in the UK & London but also amongst a host of global clientele.

Product demonstration agency
product launch roadshow

Nintendo’s Most Successful Product Launch

For us, the most successful field marketing agency is one that combines data-led insights with a human perspective at every stage of the marketing campaign.

When working with Nintendo, we set out to create a product launch to optimally engage and educate UK families about the new Nintendo Switch console. Our mission was to drive trials, sales and achieve mass awareness throughout the wider UK as well as the Nintendo UK community.

Throughout a 24-month touring trial experience road show, we showcased the product to a non-uniform flow of people in malls and at gaming events. We selected and trained a group of passionate Nintendo fans to orchestrate the optimal customer experience, ensuring that while parents were being educated on the product, children were out there playing with it. With this strategy, we were able to push consumers from consideration to purchase via a tailored field sales marketing experience.

During our campaign…

June – December

Live Across The UK

144 Days

In Mall Activity

210+ Reach 

Brand Experiences

400% ROI

Directional ROI >

11 Titles

Games Trialed

36 Locations

UK Wide Cities & Towns

product demonstration roadshow
product trial roadshow

A Field Marketing Agency Driven By Data

Data and insight are fundamental to our approach as a field marketing agency. From the initial stages of planning the campaign to staff selection, training and management, we are always leaning on data – never leaving anything up to chance.

How do we achieve this? Through our use of in-house technology to handle real-time measurement at scale, whether that’s your initial budget or an evaluation of the engagement mid-campaign. We don’t just “do now” and “assess later”. We constantly review and assess as the campaign goes on, helping strategically mitigate risks to result in your ultimate success.

TED Tech case studies

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Retail Sales Campaign

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%

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Mass Sampling Campaign

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%

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Product Launch Road Show

12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%

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