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Field marketing is becoming increasingly important in the retail industry, as more brands and more products appear on the scene. Online presence is incredibly important but in order to stay relevant across all demographics, showcasing your product in its physical form is crucial, especially if you’re trying to harness consumer loyalty.

Pop-up shop events have been proven to elevate potential consumers’ trust in brands, leading to loyal and returning customers. That’s why for nearly two decades, TED Experience has been creating award-winning and sales-driving popup retail campaigns for global companies. We figure out how, where, when and who to show your products to and manage every aspect of the campaign – just the way a leading pop-up events company should.

What we’re saying is, we like to get to know you down to the granular details of your business right from the offset. To us, you’re not just another number, you are the very centre of our pop-up retail strategy.

Campari- Direct Sales & Advocacy Pop-Up

When TED Experience partnered with Campari, we were tasked to capitalise on the success of the Negroni cocktail to further drive sales and brand engagement in London. We achieved this on a tight budget by orchestrating the event in Shoreditch and creating the concept of “The Negroni Bar by Campari”, a pop-up event which housed the world’s largest selection of Negroni cocktails.

Located in an art gallery we transformed the space into an old Italian street scene fly posted with historic Campari advertising from the last century. We also had a speakeasy bar featuring a modernist art installation which acted as a visual metaphor for the Negroni drink.

To view the full Campari case study click here

During our campaign…

378% Increase

Brand sentiment v control

+43% Net

Net Promoter Score

3.1 Million 

Total Campaign Reach

97% Recall Rate

Recalled Event 6 Weeks On

8K Negroni Serves

Engaging Over 5K Consumers

175% Increase

Campari Serves In Partner Bars

A Pop-Up Events Agency Driven By Data

It’s evident that pop up retail and events offer an optimally crafted sales experience for your consumers, so each aspect of it must be carefully considered. We ensure that the strategies and plans we create are grounded in data-driven insights, as well as our instincts as a leading pop-up events company.

With large-scale pop-up events, we understand how important it is to be able to place your trust in your agency, feeling confident that each and every move has been meticulously planned and will be rigorously executed.

Our exclusive, in-house technology allows us to handle real-time measurements at scale, whether that’s the allocation of budget or an assessment of results. By utilising this integrated ‘low code’ tech platform, we can manage and measure every part of your pop-up event from stock to staff, locations, consumers and sales to the highest accuracy. We then turn this data into compelling strategic insights that inform our approach, ensuring that our effort optimises the pop-up retail experience and creates real business impact for our clients.

TED Tech case studies


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12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%


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12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%


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12k Sales
96% Compliance
Attendance 98%

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