IQOS General Trade Campaign

Sales, staffing & product demonstration

X3 YOY Growth

Exceeding target by 52.7%

87% staff pass rate

Up from 51% of previous agency

Tech enabled

TED Tech used by client / agency

000’s of store days

Nationwide 349 days a year

IQOS staff app

User orientated design & info

Reduced lost & stolen

From 14.9% to less than 1%

brand ambassador
ted tech

“TED’s technology affords PML complete transparency and accountability, whilst driving efficient sales of our products through data led insights and smart evaluation”

Ian Kelly PML

Selling a premium product in the challenging environment of general trade

We helped Philip Morris develop this channel for IQOS, by placing IQOS Experts into the general trade environment to demonstrate and sell IQOS devices and HEETS in store. There are many challenges to working in this retail channel, so an adaptive and innovative mindset is imperative in creating success – as is the constant evolvement of the IQOS Portal and App that we built using TED Tech.

ted tech staff
product demonstration
product demo
ted tech2

The Detail

As part of our commitment to the PMI relationship, we built a vertically integrated piece of technology that would enhance the IQOS business and allow it to operate consumer facing activities in a range of indirect stores – from key accounts like Sainsbury’s and WHS to the General Trade category and everything else in between. The IQOS Portal and accompanying Staff App is essentially an enabler and a facilitator as well as compliance and reporting tool. The IQOS Portal provides the following: 

  • A secure platform to handle all comms, hold all training materials and real time closed comms
  • A stock tracking and compliance tool to ensure that our teams all have ample stock at all times
  • A data harvesting tool that feedback real time data into the cloud against set criteria
  • A sales tracker that time and location stamps each sale against product serial numbers
  • A consumer data house that API’s into our clients own data server
  • A retail store auditing system that allows for swift information audits at scale
  • All metrics reported in real time in the cloud

Case studies

product demo

IQOS General Trade

Sales, staffing & product demonstration

X3 YOY Growth
Exceeding target by 52.7%
Nationwide 349 days a year

coca cola zero sugar

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Large scale sampling campaign

8M+ perfect serve samples
+44% cans recycled
17% sales Uplift

brand ex

Nintendo Switch

Most successful product launch

400% ROI
+210,000 reach
144 days in mall activity

driven by ted tech2

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