The Negroni Bar by Campari

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378% Increase

Brand sentiment v control

+43% Net

Net promoter score

3.1 Million

Total campaign reach

97% Recall rate

Recalled event 6 weeks on

Owned Shoreditch!

20 partner bars collaborated

175% Increase

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“Its superb work like this that has won TED the Gruppo Campari Global Brand Experience award two years running”

Campari Brand Manager – Gruppo Campari

‘No Negroni – without Campari!’

We were briefed by Campari to capitalise on the infamy of the Negroni cocktail to encourage drinkers to make this drink their regular, whilst landing Campari as the essential ingredient.

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The Detail

TED chose Shoreditch as the home for the campaign, to efficiently drive word of mouth and engage the most socially active and influential drinkers. Building on the previous years ‘RediscoverRed’ campaign, TED created the concept of ‘The Negroni Bar by Campari’, a Pop-up Event space which housed the World’s largest selection of Negroni cocktails. The paid bar offered 35 Negroni variants like the Jerk Negroni – with real pimento leaves flown in from Jamaica, and the Mescalito – swapping out the gin for Mescal! TED completely transformed an art gallery and warehouse space into an old Italian street scene fly posted with historic Campari advertising from the last century, and a speakeasy bar featuring a modernist art installation which acted as a visual metaphor for the Negroni drink. Some of the world’s best DJ Talent entertained revellers, while an outdoor garden, therned with more Campari art, provided a cool retreat for drinkers to chat and discover more about the brand.

Once a week TED orchestrated the ‘Red Night Sessions’: Invite only parties from 1am till 6am specifically for London’s mixologists and bar staff to come and enjoy the space after their shifts. The bar was made freely available for London’s finest to outshine each other in creating their own version of the famous Negroni. The Red Night Sessions quickly became famous within the bar scene and ensured that Campari brand education naturally flowed from all attendees when back in their respective bars. TED also engaged over 20 other bars in Shoreditch to carry a bespoke Campari Negroni menu for the period, which effectively allowed Campari to ‘own’ Shoreditch for the month.

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