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Target Driven Sales Campaign – Driving Subscription

2,056 New Subs

Registered new subscriptions

445 days

Completed staffing days

5000 Interactions

Positive Consumer interactions

29% Improvement

From in campaign learnings

2500 Incentives

Exclusive giveaways

100% Compliance

Over 445 days

TELEGRAPH Sales Team Star Seller: Ashley
Hit an average of 10.5 sales per day

Deliver a sales experience orientated pop up activation to raise awareness and sign up new users

The Telegraph wanted to bolster subscriptions to their online service around the time that Brexit was being debated. The campaign needed to engage commuters in topical news conversations, such as Brexit, and land key messages of the service. Highly trained brand ambassadors would need to guide commuters through the Telegraph subscription service to the point of purchase, targeting specific key demographic.

The Detail

TED recruited a dedicated sales team across nationwide commuter hubs to upgrade a consumer experience and highlight the benefits of digital subscriptions over traditional paper media – ultimately to driving subscription sales. TED ambassadors were able to subscribe consumers onsite, using bespoke tech and provide a positive and informative brand conversation. TED also selected a range of incentives giveaways, such as branded water bottles, to help close sales and add value to the commuter journey.

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